May 4, 2012

Cavewoman, II

The cavewoman remembers
a time before pornography
was made necessary by
the bowdlerization of the body,

before we needed special words
to be used when ladies were present,
before we needed different words
for sex, romance, and love,

before we needed crib sheets
to pass the pleasure test,
before we counted orgasms
like ducats in a sack.

The cavewoman remembers,
but what's the use, when
everybody's fucking
like they're on web-cam,
like they can't wait
till it's over, so they can tweet about it,
when sexting
is somehow hotter than sex.

"Oh, we're all so well-informed now.
We know all the positions, variations,
stimulation, simulation,
drugs for enhanced duration,
video tutorials, sex toy emporiums,
lectures in auditoriums . . .
To Eros, in memoriam."

She orders another rum.

"Fuck an alcoholic, honey.
They usually have no idea what's going on,
and that's not a bad start."

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