April 9, 2011

Wheel Comes Back Around (lyric)

I remember this place. We've been here before
Laughed a night away, raised our glasses to the moon
And I drank in your happy, smiling face and I knew
I'd be seeing you again someday soon

So I counted off the days and the nights
For the next time in another little town
To step into the warmth of your bright living light
And catch the wheel, coming back around

Put a pack on my back, put some miles on my shoes
Crossed a map, chasing down a moment
Caught the mean reds, the yellow sweats, and the smoky blues
Lost and found more than I ever knew I wanted

I have paid a fair price for every lesson
There's no easy landing coming down
From a flight of blind exhilaration
When the wheel comes turning back around

And I've asked myself, if any of it worth it
When the wind went wrong and scattered all my plans
But there's always somewhere safe to surface
And strangers will surprise you when they turn out to be friends

And we'll meet again someday, this I know
Though I'm not sure when or where or how
Guess I'll see you when I see you, somewhere down the road
Guess I'll see you when the wheel comes back around.

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