April 11, 2011

Right Kind of Man (lyric)

It's the wrong time
It's the wrong place
Wrong thing on your mind
Wrong look on your face
There's nothing to do here
You're just waiting around
Nothing to stand for
So you'll sit this one out

In another time,
In another age
You might have been a soldier,
Might have been a saint
And you'd die for a cause
If there were any left
But all the causes are lost now,
All that's left is effects

Lip-servicing leaders
On flickering screens
Rabble-backed rebels
In designer jeans
And they all look the same
They all sound alike
They're all giving hand-outs
And they're all taking bribes

Wrong time,
Wrong place
Wrong thing on your mind
Wrong look on your face,
There's no chance
And there's no plan
For the right kind of man

Tried falling in love
Just landed in bed
She left her face on your pillow
And a noise in your head
By the light of the morning,
There was nothing to say
Yeah, the morning came early
though the light came late

But you'd climb her tower
Like a storybook knight
If it ever felt real
If it ever felt right
Sing by her window
Find a dragon to slay
And you'd even be faithful
If you still had any faith

But it's the wrong time,
it's the wrong place
Wrong thing on your mind,
wrong look on your face
Nowhere left to go,
No room left to pretend
For the right kind of man

Nothing to do here,
Just sitting around
On a stool in a bar
On a therapist's couch
Yeah, nothing to stand for.
You just sit this one out.

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