April 9, 2011

Rainy Night, Windy City (lyric)

It was all gonna be so easy
Spare each other from being alone
Rainy night in the Windy City,
A hotel, both of us far from home

Made our own little night on the town
Weak martinis in plastic cups
They closed the dance floor down
But we were still up

Your boys were up having their party
And my friend was asleep in my room
So we kissed on a couch in the lobby
And talked until dawn

Talked about old expectations
The dreams and the chances we'd had
Disappointments, obligations,
The commitments and choices we made

Rainy morning, Windy City
The sun coming staggering up
The desk clerk on night shift took pity
Gave us coffee in small paper cups

We laughed when we said "See you later"
Cause we knew we were making no plans
Kissed goodbye at the elevator
To our hopelessly chaste one-night stand

Rainy flight from the Windy City
On the plane in my clothes from last night
Rainy night, passed so sweetly
Almost easy to leave behind.

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