April 9, 2011

Long Way Around (lyric)

I'm living my life
but I'm biding my time
I play my part
but I'm saying your lines
I've gotten so good
at telling the lies you tell.

And I can't stop looking
at this picture of us
Been staying up nights
talking to your ghost
I find the words
but I've already lost my breath

And I take the long way around
The holy and the haunted
hunting grounds
The long arms of the shadows
of my doubts
And all the footsteps
that still chase me down

No strings attached,
but my fingers got caught
Picked the wrong pocket
and lost by default
I guess I'm not
as tough as I thought I was.

So I laugh like a fool,
and I lie like a thief
I wear a disguise
of smiling white teeth
I won't be accused
of weakness or grief, I won't.

And I take the coward's way out
Say it didn't matter, anyhow
Reasons coming easy from my mouth
For taking the long way around

It's not like I'm
some kind of victim here
My eyes were open
and my mind was clear
It's just you meant
so much more to me.

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