April 10, 2011

Dorian (lyric)

The day that you were born,
your mama held you in her arms
and said you were as perfect as an angel

And all of heaven's blessings,
they flew to fill your room
and the stars came down to decorate your cradle

Everybody said,
when you became a man,
oh, you would be a man like no other

That everything you wanted
would fall into your hands
and every girl would want you for her lover

They all said,
Dorian, Dorian
glamour and glory and
victory's waiting wherever you go
Golden one, chosen one
Fate-favored favorite son
Don't disappoint us, now
Give us a show

When you and I first met,
I was still a girl
Stars in my eyes and clouds in my head

I belonged to you,
but you belonged to the world
How could I believe it wouldn't end

So many years have passed
and everything has changed
but how could I not recognize you

Though your beauty's faded
and all that remains now
Is a conqueror's smile and a suicide's eyes

Dorian, Dorian
Wrote your whole story on
Used cocktail napkins from bars long closed down
Older and slowing down
But still making the rounds
Of all your old haunts and your old hunting grounds

Dorian, Dorian
Could have been anyone
But you were the one I thought of
all this time
Wish you could have been the one
Wish I could have been the one
It's done, my darling,
the knots all untied.

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