January 21, 2011


They've sucked the life out of me,
I want to say, but
that's a goddamn cop-out -

who is this "they," what kind
of vampire monster
going bump in the
nine to five,

and what use have they for my life -

they've got their own, too much in fact,
rent, credit cards, disaffecting jobs
and disappointing lovers -

and when would they do it, anyway,
there's not a moment in my day
off-guard - perhaps when I am standing, stupefied

aboard a palsied subway car, pressed against
strangers intimately, numbly staring at
the chin of someone whose chin
reminds me of someone I remembered
often, once -

unlikely. But what I wouldn't give -
if there was anything left -
for a bogeyman, a scary,
wicked, shady, snatching thing

to come out from under the bed,
and rescue me.

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