October 22, 2009

One Blood (lyric)

Once upon a lifetime,
Long before anyone can remember
I called you my neighbor
I called you my friend
We never bothered
Dividing up the world
There was one thing we knew back then,
We were all one blood.

Then we changed our directions
Chose our temples, chose our gods
Drew our curtains, drew our weapons
Drew our lines in the mud
Turned our eyes from one another
Turned our hearts to stone
Turned our children into soldiers
Built our castles on their bones

I guess somewhere along the way,
Everybody just forgot
That, once upon a lifetime,
We were all one blood.

We can think of so many reasons,
So many causes to defend
But you were once my neighbor
You were once my friend
How many more will go to die
For someone's ancient choice?
Our languages are different
But we all cry in the same voice

And when we fall, we all call out
To the same silent God
When the fields run red with the blood we shed,
It's all one blood.

In the end, as at the beginning,
We are all one blood.


Tina said...

almost hate to follow that up with chatter of any kind. beautiful. eloquent.

Mizzholborow said...

Your work is hugely inspirational. Keep writing, I'll be reading :)