June 8, 2009

Should I (lyric)

Should I have been weaker
Too unsteady to stand
Should I have been more fragile
Shattered in your hands

Should I have been quieter
Talked a little less
You know us uppity girls
We never give it a rest

Should I have been smaller
A little less consequential
Lost a few pounds
And that damned third dimension

Should I have been prettier
Would you have liked me more
Should I have been less pretty
Easier to ignore

Should I have been sweeter
Easier to tame
Should I have blushed for you
Acted like I was ashamed

I should have known better
Seen your full potential
When you said you loved me
I should have paid more attention

And you shouldn't feel nervous
I won't make a scene
I've never been one of those girls
I keep my garbage clean

And you shouldn't feel too special
You weren't the first
And I don't think you're gonna be the last
And I don't think you're gonna be the worst.

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