June 11, 2009

God Is Out To Lunch (lyric)

All the suckers are lining up outside
They've been standing for hours in the rain
Got their thumbs out like they're hitching for a ride
Waiting for the answers like they're waiting for a train

All the dealers are looking for a deal
All the customers are waiting for the sale
All the thieves are looking for a steal
And the stolen goods are all going stale

Well the only ones still feeling all right
Are the ones who've learned to hobble with no crutch
'Cause the local angels' union has gone on strike,
The messiah's stuck in traffic
And God is out to lunch

The preachers are closing up their bibles
The psychics are closing up shop
The father and the son are as stumped as anyone
And the holy ghost is giving himself up

The gurus have all gone on vacation
They're sick of never getting paid
Hey, I hear there's a cult still taking applications
But they're running out of Kool-Aid

Well, the ones who've learned to dance on their blisters
Are the only ones still having fun
The Salvation Corporation is going out of business,
The messiah's gone to voicemail
And God is out to lunch

They're still lining up outside the church
of Our Lady of the Holy Whatever
Waiting for the times to change
Like they wait for better weather

But, one by one, they're figuring it out
When there's no end or point in sight
Stop wondering what the hell it's all about
Stop watching the road and just enjoy the ride

Nobody's watching
Nobody's judging
The prophets are out golfing
The fates are getting drunk
Nobody's helping
Nobody's guiding
The messiah's stuck in traffic
And God is out to lunch

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