May 19, 2009

Walking In The City (lyric)

Last night, I went walking in the city,
Where the lights of Broadway burned so bright, they kept away the cold
And I'll be the first to say, they sure looked pretty
But I didn't see a single sidewalk that was paved with gold

I went walking down to Wall Street,
Where the boys in pin-striped suits looked as sharp as butcher knives,
And the ladies' heels were clicking
Like a million clocks all ticking,
And the taxi tires squealed like somebody's angry wife.

Then I went up to old Times Square
It was all aglow with a thousand neon stars
Yeah, just like it always is -
hey, the tourists groove on this -
Glittering and tempting as a hooker in a bar.

Ch - If you don't like where you're at, well, that's a pity
But like somebody once said, you just seek and you shall find
So move on down to New York City
Try your luck, try your patience, try to keep your friggin' mind

They can see you coming from a mile away
Give them your address and you don't need another word
You can dress like HRH of Wales -
honey, we've all heard of sample sales -
You are where you live and you live where you can afford.

Well, some say it's a bit too loud,
But you know, we like it that way
'Cause when the ambulances shriek,
You can hardly hear the freaks
Raving on about the end of days

And if you get tired of the city
Take a hike over the Brooklyn Bridge
Where they like to drop their R's
And some of them own cars
But they still take the subway, 'cause parking is a bitch


Last night, I went walking in the city
Thinking that I shouldn't mix vodka, wine and beer
I was talking to myself out loud
But no one even turned around
'Cause if you turn around, that means you ain't from here.

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