May 6, 2009

Te Quiero (a very private joke)

After Carol Ann Duffy (with all apologies, with no explanations)

As soon as I walked in,
I felt his eyes on me,
clinging and damp
as droplets on a sweating
glass of beer.

"I love your hair. You must be
Spanish. Dominican? Puerrrto Rrrrican?"
He rolled the rs, all maladroit
tongue. He had big hands.

I took him home
and fucked him
for a week.

"Say something in Spanish."
So I told him,
"Te quiero."

He loved that. So I said it again. And again.

He was in town on business. Left
before I started wishing
that he would.
We got blind drunk on his last night.

"Say it again, say - "
"Te quiero."

I let him keep his blanks
filled in with spice and tambourines.
He never knew

that, years ago,
a bartender in Acapulco
told me he liked American girls,

and later,
"Te quiero."

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