May 16, 2009

Hemlock (lyric)

Where the sinners gather to cower
Where the atheists gather to kneel
Where the killers gather to pity
Where the dead men gather to feel

Where the holy men gather to gamble
Where the martyrs gather to preach
Where the healers gather to murder
Where the ignorant gather to teach

Where the powerful gather to grovel
Where the drunkards gather to dry
Where the debtors gather to borrow
Where the honest gather to lie

Where the addicts beg damp-fingered dealers
For just one more, one more hit
But the dealers all gave up the business
They're done, they've gone straight, they've quit

Where they pray to the moody messiah
To come back to the mess that he made,
Lighting leftover birthday candles
Building altars of used razor blades,

Where I brought the heads of your lackeys
To retrieve the bones of my spies,
Where I knelt at your populous bedside
And kissed the dust on your eyes,

Where the bar is always too crowded,
but a girl can still find a seat,
they make a good champagne cocktail.
I order a hemlock, neat.


Ainsof said...

What place is this... this common supernatural location? I think this has entirely too few comments ;). I'm going to assume a Hemlock is a drink... am I being too literal? If it is, in fact, then I've got to try one sometime, to see if it well bring to this place where it seems we all meet our contrary. Be well shweets!

Renata B. said...

Hemlock is what they made Socrates drink when they executed him - I advise you to be drink very responsibly. (But I would like to invent a cocktail called Hemlock . . . hmmm . . .)

Ainsof said...

Ya know, I actually did know that, but for some reason, I thought there might be a drink so named, too. I'm better with ancient philosophy than contemporary cocktails... just wondering! So, I think the lyrical aspect works quite well, not overdone, but significant enough to make it ring... I think the word 'lyric' has something to do with 'song'... kinda like the origin of 'sonnet', ya know? There are a couple of paradoxical findings in this place that are really insightful; I particularly like the sinners, killers and holy men. But the slow decent to the bar has me all bewildered.... still pondering this transition; I do like the effect just the same. All the best!

Renata B. said...

I think the answer is, this piece is perfectly clear in my own crazy subjective head, but, as far as a viable poem, it needs work :)

Renata B. said...

Ultimately, if you're curious, it's about a (mental) place that defies all logic. It's about knowingly choosing poison, intentionally taking the illogical path that you KNOW is illogical/foolish.

Which is what I need to make clearer :)