April 1, 2009

". . . what else do you love?"

I love my camera,
the feel of it in my hands, its smooth,
confident mechanics, the bright "click!"
of every capture, every release.

I love St. John's, Newfoundland,
the perspective up or down its steeply sloping streets,
the sound of floating wooden docks under my feet,
the silent milkmist of fog on water.

I love drinking coffee,
the crackling, dark aroma of it,
the slow white explosion of adding cream,
the warm solidity of a fresh cup, like a brown suede boot.

I love tea, too,
the languid bobble of a tea bag in water,
the spreading sepia rainbow of the steeping,
the bracing delicateness, like filigreed steel.

I love smoking cigarettes,
the sex-whisper sound of lighting one,
the casually assertive, masculine taste,
the downward dance at its tip.

I love whiskey,
the easygoing pride of flavour in a mix,
the four-second amberflash of a poured shot,
the over-heavy velvet with a coarse leather finish.

I love red wine, too,
the color like ink spilled into a ruby,
the dark spread in my mouth,
the peppered sweetness, like the taste of hard-earned trust.

I love dark chocolate,
the memory of treebark behind the sugar,
the yielding, growing intensity on the tongue
like melting together onyx and gold.

I love music,
the fact that it is a language spoken by everyone,
the dawning surprise of unheard notes,
the lust that thuds or shivers through it.

I love sex,
the blossoming of miles and miles of skin,
the muttered Pentecostal incantations,
the God-strong grip of momentary possession.

I love to laugh,
the rocking release of breath,
the flex of muscles in my cheeks,
the sudden reason to live.

And I love dancing
in dark places,
and boats,
and trains

I love train stations
and airports,
and planes and flying,
and long walks

I love the smell of rain-wet pavement,
talking to strangers,
and I love the moment they stop
being strangers,
and I love

I love, I love, I love, I love

so much, I will never be
completely happy,


so much, I will never be
completely miserable.

Inspired by this.

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