March 28, 2009

Have It All (lyric)

You take that step away from me.
I know, you always say
that for every stolen pleasure,
there's a heavy fine to pay.

There are lines that can't be crossed,
there are more that must be walked,
rules that can't be broken,
boats that can't be rocked.

You keep your hands away from me,
and you won't look me in the eye.
Yes, I know what you always say -
that way, danger lies.

But just stepping closer to the edge
doesn't mean you're gonna fall,
and I'm telling you, we can have it all.

You've always been so careful,
measured every choice,
though you think that spontaneity
has a time and place.
You always plan your tomorrow
when each day is done
and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
till tomorrow never comes.

And if you save all your colors for a rainy day,
the sun is never yellow,
the sky is always gray.

And if you gamble on a hand or two,
that don't mean you're gonna lose,
and I'm telling you, you don't have to choose.

Well, I have seen you watching me
and I know what's on your mind
But stepping into something new
doesn't mean you leave something behind

And, listen, it's the same for me -
I've made choices of my own -
Life is a pyramid of those - a job, a lover, a home

But I've gone dancing in the rain
and I've never caught a cold
And I'm telling you, you can have it all.

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