March 24, 2009

Fortune Teller

A man came to me, said "Can you show me
the way to a better life,
a bigger house, a faster car,
an easier job, a prettier wife,
the way to meaning and the way to God,
and the way to a love that is true"
So I took his hand, skinned off the palm
& said, "Here's a road map for you."

A girl came to me, said "Can you help me,
I've fallen for the wrong kind of man.
I'm so tired of this love, so tired of this ache,
I want to smile again."
So I gave her a potion, said "Just add a few
tears that you shed in your sorrow,
then stir in some arsenic, drink it all down,
and you'll feel much better tomorrow."

The day is near over, I'm alone in my tent,
my crystal ball's turned back to glass.
I take off my turban, pinch out the incense,
wonder where I've put the grass.
I idly pick up the deck of cards,
Shuffle, cut, take one out -
it's the Joker - for once, this shit makes sense -
we all need something to laugh about.

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