March 28, 2009

Come Morpheus

Come Morpheus,

with your eyes full of acid
and your mouth full of pearls,
your jacket unbuttoned
and your fingers unfurled,

with milk on your tongue
and flesh in your teeth,
in battered old blue jeans
with nothing on underneath,

with your heart full of garbage
and your head full of wind,
with a stamp on your wrist
and a price on your skin,

with the dust in your lashes,
with your old bag of tricks,
with the world on your shoulders,
with your perfect pink prick,

with your smile like a snowfall,
and the moon in your eyes,
come as you are
or come in disguise

for you know I will know you
whatever you wear
by the stain on your iris
by the scent of your hair.

So come, Morpheus
I've been waiting up
and the coffee's gone bitter
and cold in my cup.

With your horns all aglow
and your halo ablaze,
come for a while,
but don't ask to stay

for you know I would tumble
if you gave the command
and I don't think you need
more blood on your hands.

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