February 24, 2009

Close Your Eyes (lyric)

Close your eyes, my darling
You keep them open too wide
Close the doors and the windows
Leave the wind outside

Leave the world to its worries
It's half-truths and its lies
Take a break from its shades of grey,
my love, and close your eyes.

Rest a while, my darling
You'll see, there's nothing to fear
You've always seen too clearly
And that's been your burden to bear

Leave the fools to their follies
To their gilt, their glamour and guile
Turn away from their turn in the play,
my love, and rest for a while.

Close your eyes, my darling,
There's no storm to watch for tonight
There's no truth that needs to be shouted
There's no battle that you have to fight

There's no need to wait for the demons
No, they won't take you by surprise
They fall dead like dead leaves in the fall,
I promise, as soon as you close your eyes.

So close your eyes, my darling,
I promise to hold you all night
And I'll be very still, but you know I will still
be here when you open your eyes.

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