February 28, 2009

Pearls for the Swine (lyric)

Yeah, I hear your big old boots
rattling up the dust
You got a fistful of carnations
and a pocketful of lust
I better get up and give you
what you came here for,
'cause I can hear you knock-knock-knocking
the dirt off my door.

Well, I've been taking meetings
with men of sound repute
My eyes blur over, looking
at the pinstripes on their suits
They say they can give me
what I really need
An easy, even trade
of loneliness for greed.
They're only tired soldiers, looking for peace.
Kings in search of another concubine.
Ah, but they're all just suckers, begging for a piece,
and I'm saving all my pearls for the swine.

And I know this one fellow,
he writes songs to make you cry.
Swears he found life's meaning
in the corners of my eyes.
His body's full of longing,
his mouth is full of words.
A few of them are even ones
that I haven't yet heard.
And it breaks my heart to refuse the pleas
of a poet who is searching for a rhyme.
But after all, he's just a sucker, begging for a piece,
and I'm saving all my pearls for the swine.

And the man I saw last night
had a body like a god,
a face just like an angel
and a name I soon forgot.
He's so used to winning,
that he gets turned on by defeat,
and he laid his beauty gently,
like a weapon at my feet.
But even though he looks good on his knees,
he's just another kill of time.
Just another sucker, begging for a piece,
and I'm saving all my pearls for the swine.

Well, I wear my jeans real tight,
and I wear my hair real long,
and the streets are mine all night,
but I like to sleep alone.
I'm so tired of explaining
I'm not just playing hard to get.
And maybe I should just give up -
but it's not over, not just yet,

'cause now I hear your big old boots,
rattling up the dust,
and the scent of crushed carnations
cuts the swimming smell of lust,
and then, I finally hear you knocking,
and it's what I've been waiting for.
You know, every man's madonna
wants to be another's whore.

And hey, I'm just a prisoner, waiting for release,
counting notches while I do my time,
ah fuck it, I'm a sucker, begging for a piece,
saving all my pearls for the swine.

Murder Your Mythologies (Survivor Parasite) (lyric)

I sat down in a tavern
by a horny unicorn.
He said, "Did you know, every minute,
there's another virgin born?"
Then he winked and wandered off,
but someone must have lied,
'cause that night he caught the virus
and, shortly after, died.

Once I saw a siren
near a record studio.
She said she had VIPs to see,
lots of high places to go.
She wore Manolos on her feet,
had lots of cash to spend.
Three months later, she OD'd
in the bathroom of the Bitter End.

Well, I've been reading the future,
just like the old ones taught me,
reading the entrails
of this phoenix I caught.
Found him in with the chickens,
probably up to no good.
Let's see him rise now
from this fire made of wood.

You see, that's what happens to the legends
Their blazing glory shames our humble light
But death is always lurking at the edges
And survival's too prosaic for their like

(And we who toil below with pen and chisel,
We wide-eyed, giftless, ordinary ones,
Our names may be forgotten - but our drivel,
Our cloying, lovestruck elegies live on.)

February 24, 2009

Close Your Eyes (lyric)

Close your eyes, my darling
You keep them open too wide
Close the doors and the windows
Leave the wind outside

Leave the world to its worries
It's half-truths and its lies
Take a break from its shades of grey,
my love, and close your eyes.

Rest a while, my darling
You'll see, there's nothing to fear
You've always seen too clearly
And that's been your burden to bear

Leave the fools to their follies
To their gilt, their glamour and guile
Turn away from their turn in the play,
my love, and rest for a while.

Close your eyes, my darling,
There's no storm to watch for tonight
There's no truth that needs to be shouted
There's no battle that you have to fight

There's no need to wait for the demons
No, they won't take you by surprise
They fall dead like dead leaves in the fall,
I promise, as soon as you close your eyes.

So close your eyes, my darling,
I promise to hold you all night
And I'll be very still, but you know I will still
be here when you open your eyes.

February 18, 2009

Orpheus (Alternate Ending)

Well, it's time for the Maenads to gather again
As they do every spring on the same riverbank
They cast off their clothes, they sing and they dance,
They don't see him come shuffling by.

He shows up alone, but he's wearing a ring
He's playing with one unbroken string,
Ah, he's still got a song that he'd like to sing
If his mouth wasn't so dry.

But still, he strains his strangling throat,
Forcing out a few mangled notes,
Just a weak and weary, worn-out old goat
With a lyre that can no longer lie.

So he watches them sing, he watches them dance,
And his fingers are itching, but he's got no chance,
He's used up his turns in the game of romance,
No one even looks at him twice.

And just when he can't be any more alone,
Just before he admits his strength is all gone,
He's joined by a harnessed and horse-shod faun,
And they lay down together to die.