December 18, 2008

What We Have In Common (Song For a Happy Horse)

"O happy horse, to bear the weight of Antony!" - Shakespeare, "Antony and Cleopatra"

Well, now I've stood where you were standing,
I have seen what you must have seen,
And I have lain where you had fallen,
Wanting to never rise again.

I have slipped on the cloak of silence,
Made heavy in the rain of tears,
And stepped, reluctant, on the journey
That you, too, must have once endured.

What did you carry in your pockets?
What weapons had you at your side?
Did you bring shining, golden trap-nets
Or honey-coated throwing knives like mine?

Did you ever stop to wonder
How the road got worn so smooth,
Except for all the broken pieces
Scattered like pebbles underfoot.

What did you struggle to hold on to?
What did you lose along the way?
Did you ever look behind you,
Or did you keep your eyes straight ahead?

You have no reason to remember.
It's been years since your happy ending,
Since you reached the crystal castle
And entered through the swinging gate at last.

You have no reason now to hear me.
You have no reason yet to fear me.
But was it worth it, was it worth it?
That is all I want to ask.

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