December 1, 2008

Afternoon of the Wolf (lyric)

To Bigby, with affection.

I can't quite see you, but I can tell,
because it's true, fear has a smell,
that you are there, that you are frozen.
You know you've wandered too close.
You know who I am, you've been warned
that I can cause a lot of harm.

But don't be afraid, it's been a while
since I was young and fierce and wild,
eyes like moonlight, fur like silver,
a hungry predator, a killer,
sharp of fang and fleet of foot,
hunting flesh and trailing blood.

I made this whole forest tremble,
thought I was invincible,
and somehow, foolishly, forgot
you're only lawless till you're caught.

She was alone and wearing red.
I don't remember what I said,
but she didn't run, she didn't hide.
She never guessed what I desired,
never even looked away,
had no idea that she was prey.

Giving in to the temptation,
I took a chance I shouldn't have taken.
And then, I ran, fast as I could.
You only run until you're caught.

They tracked me down, they dragged me out,
shoved their hands inside my mouth,
wrenched the teeth out of my jaws,
clipped my ears, pulled out my claws.
Then, they let me go, laughed and said,
"Let's see now, wolf, who's big and bad."

This all happened long ago.
And now, I'm slow and weak and old.
So you can pass, I won't even chase you,
though you smell like something I once tasted.

You should get home, the day's near over.
Ah, but what's this? You're coming closer.
Your eyes are sad and sweetly tender,
your tears fall on my fur like silver.
Your arms slip round my neck so light,
and it's been so long since I was touched,

so long since I have played this game.
But I think I could win again.
I do believe I make you wonder
about the hibernating hunger
of wolves who can no longer bite.
Old habits rest but never die.

Well, your look of naked fascination
could make me rise to the occasion,
but I don't think that's what you want,
for this would only be a hunt.
So you should go now. Go, before
you get more than you're asking for.

And if you ever come across,
someone like me, who talks as soft,
and moves as slow, and seems as harmless,
and asks you for your trust and kindness,
stay clear of him. Take my advice,
beware the ones with moonlight in their eyes.

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