November 8, 2008

Mirror in the Sky

there was a mirror in the sky
and to see the truth
we had only to
look up.

And there was ugliness.
There was beauty.
There were clich├ęs.
There was original thought.
There was everything. Everything

but lies.

Then, came the storm,
and all we could see
was lightning;
all we could hear
was the thunder,

and the mirror
and fell to the ground,
killing many,

bloodying the rest.

We wandered,
looking skyward
only to be blinded
by empty light.

We gathered up small pieces
from the ground,
tried to see what we could.
It was all we had, so
we ended up settling

for fragments.

November 6, 2008

Great Big Double Dactyls (humor)

One Doyle of Newfoundland
Went down to Burlington
Which he did rock.

Then, with his custom'ry
Stood on a public street,
Shouting, "My cock!"

* *


Cometh the Shantyman,
Stealthily spyin' for
His bit o' fun.

Fear not, fair maidens, for
He seeks not your virtue -
Only your rum.

* *

Fiddledy piddledy
Hallett of Great Big Sea
Plays every instrument,
As is his wont.

Clever, and famously
He charms the pants off the
Good girls who don't.

* *

Hankety pankety,
The one called "the Bastard"
Decided to find a
Second career.

He remade himself as
Married a platypus!
. . . WAY too much beer . . .

* *

Gluggity sluggity,
Kris Mac-Daddy-Farlane
Has never been seen to
Take a drop yet.

Much to our chagrin, this
Recalls everything we
Try to forget.