October 17, 2008

Of Melomania and Modern Romance (lyric)

Let's rent a room at the Chelsea Hotel
Let's pretend it's still tawdry and cheap
Let's make love like hookers and drifters
While the limousines wait in the street.

Ah, let's buy a twelve-dollar bottle
Though you normally drink Perignon
Let's wander the city for hours
Till we find Woody's black-and-white dawn.

Let's find a place to have dinner
With a checkered red tablecloth
Let's pretend the pizza's authentic
And invoke Billy's musical ghost.

Let's walk into the dingiest bar we can find
Sit down and knock back a few
Feed the jukebox, pretend that the dollars are dimes
And that the bartender isn't a student at NYU.

Let's pretend you're Leonard Cohen
And that I am Erica Jong
Let's pretend that we're in a movie
Or a saxophone-backed love song.

Let's sail right to Philadelphia
Or let's just hitch a Ride with the King
In that Fast Car on the Rocky Road
Down to that old House in New Orleans.

Ah, forget comparing mythologies
Let's just trade iPods instead
'Cause music is the blood type that runs
In that space between soul and intellect.

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