October 17, 2008

Good Little Girls

Good little girls should be seen & not heard
a pretty picture's worth 1000 words
Or even more, I should properly say
for who wants 1000 words, anyway?

Polish your nails and highlight your hair
wear frilly pink dresses with no underwear
slick up your lips, blacken your eyes
think about doing something with your thighs

Jack up the price on the auctioneer's block
If you can't cook a roast, learn to jack off a cock
For good little girls have to earn their keep
So learn to look pretty even in your sleep

Learn to smile up and learn to look down
Learn the difference between a pout and a frown
The difference between a drink and a sip
Between conversation and giving him lip

But even good little girls will someday get old
Their charms will grow wrinkled, their beds will grow cold
But before that day comes, between you and I,
Good little girls find it easier to die.

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