October 25, 2008


After listening to Joan Baez's "Diamonds & Rust"

They say Venus taught him the art of love
but he left her all broken and blue
when he left one day without saying goodbye
after learning all that she knew.

He drove Athena to write long, awkward poems
but before the last line had been read
he was already rising victorious
from Diana's empty white bed.

Then he stole the sword out of Kali's hand
after slipping out from between her limbs,
and he traveled until he found Freya;
she moved to Miami for him.

They lived together for a little while,
she had just hocked her feathers and furs,
when he met Brigid, got her drunk in some bar
and spent that night with her.

He was later seen on Funadama's boat,
they were both sunbathing on deck.
She let him steer, it was her own fault
when he nearly got them shipwrecked.

It must have been in the Caribbean,
for the fishermen talk to this day
of the torrents of tears that Yemaya wept
when he told her he wouldn't stay.

He met Hathor in some Turkish nightclub,
they danced all night cheek to cheek,
but the morning after, he was back on his way,
and the cows wouldn't give milk for weeks.

You'd think that he would fear consequences
for this selfish, cruel, thoughtless game.
But he knows that the hearts of goddesses
and the hearts of women are the same.

The ones he abandons may wield power
far beyond any measure of man,
but he knows, though they could destroy him,
they'd rather just love him again.

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