October 18, 2008

Empty Glass (lyric)

There's a place in the middle of nowhere
With a bar shined with ten thousand sleeves
Where there's always room for another glass
Raised to honor your grief.
The night comes in like a barfly
Looking for love or a fight
And we all look the same, all vaguely ashamed
In the drizzling yellowish light.

On a little stage off in the corner,
Tuning up an arthritic guitar,
Our unsteady, broken-mouthed prophet,
They say that he once was a star.
I never questioned that story,
Anyway, it's some version of truth
If he never had claim to money, beauty or fame,
Still, I'm sure that he once had his youth.

He'll sing songs of heartbreak, he'll sing songs of war
In a voice full of whiskey and love
It doesn't matter that we've heard them before
The novelty hasn't worn off.
And our hearts stumble on every fumbling chord,
Every slurred, sentimental line
There's meaning even in meaningless words
If that's what you're looking to find.

The bartender leans on the counter,
Her feet are starting to ache.
Another three pints, she figures
Till her next cigarette break.
In the dark, she's a golden oasis
You never would guess her age
When the storms ripped through her story
She must have covered her face.

She'll pour someone another, clear off the empties,
Her movements are graceful and clean
Ah, she's heard all my troubles, and I've heard some of hers
It's enough to call her my friend.
We'll head out together, she'll borrow my lighter
We'll talk for a while outside
Her words always sound wise, and I'll take her advice
Unless he walks in here tonight.

Well, sometimes, I've come here with friends
And sometimes, I come in alone
If I wasn't afraid of what it might mean
I'd say this place feels like home.
But tonight, the dark feels too heavy
Thick and black enough to make you choke
'Cause I just saw a cigarette in the gutter
And it's the brand that he liked to smoke.

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