August 28, 2008

Seaglass II: Honey & Dust (lyric)

He's got a silver tongue
And the golden touch
He knows little of limits
Or maybe too much
He's learned to keep himself
Armed to the teeth
But his weapons backfire
Every time that they miss.

He's seaglass & sunshine
And corrosion & rust
Mixes poison with honey,
Mixes honey with dust.

Every time he says "please"
It sounds like a command
If he talked to the trees
Fruit would fall in his hands
And then, he says "Thank you"
Like it means nothing at all
Like the devil might say
While accepting your soul.

He can play on your weakness,
He can play on your fears,
And he knows when to tell you
What you most need to hear
But it's all chain mail armor
Worn over naked skin
Protects from the outside -
Keeps you bleeding within.

Perhaps in a past life,
He was petty or cruel
Cheated a good man
Or ruined a girl
But for all his old sins, he now reaps the reward
And he lives in a prison he's built for himself
Full of songs no one's heard.

He's seaglass & sunshine
And corrosion & rust
Laughter & pleasure
And anger & lust
He's the one you believe in
But never should trust

He'll mix your poison with honey
And his honey with dust.