July 16, 2008

Photograph (lyric)

A picture's worth 1000 words
But we spoke maybe 10
Before you had your arm around me
Like you were my man
And I said nothing, I just laughed
That's when somebody took
Our photograph.

I guess I have myself to blame,
Your past and future were the same -
I knew it, 'cause I saw it in your eyes.
Oh, I have excuses by the bunch -
You were so sweet, I was so drunk -
The truth is, I just told myself a lie.

A picture's worth 1000 words,
I just remember 3
When you leaned down and whispered
That you wanted me
I moved closer to you,
And maybe I shouldn't have.
That's when somebody took
Our photograph.

Then they put the camera away
And my plane was leaving in 2 days
And there you were, all lips and hands and skin.
I thought it didn't matter much
That I was tripping off your touch
I thought it didn't have to mean anything.

I guess I knew it from your voice
The way you said her name.
The way you said it not quite
A half-hour after you came.
But I said nothing, I just lit
My second cigarette.
I thought that I could stay detached.
I guess I lost that bet.

And everything that's happened since
Was all that I should have foreseen
At least I wasn't taken by surprise.
And I'll admit that it did hurt
When I heard you got back with her
But even so, I thought I was all right.

A picture's worth 1000 words,
I have no words at all.
'Cause this is moving through me like
A fist moves through a wall.
And I'm sure they had all good intent,
But really, they shouldn't have
Sent me a copy of
Our photograph.

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