June 24, 2008

Dark-Haired Miriam's Song

One autumn eve, on a dusty street
He crossed my path and smiled.
He spoke to me, he gently asked
To walk with me a while.
His words were kind, his voice so sweet,
His hand was warm over mine.
And the evening breeze stirred through the trees
And made their shadows twine.

One snowy winter's night, he swore
Before the Lord above,
That never before had he loved more,
That ever more he'd love.
I trembled as he held me close
But never did I move from his side.
And my heart took wing, my blood did sing
As the morning dawned outside.

One fine spring day, I came to him
And whispered what I knew
Of what life brought, of what love wrought,
When love was strong and true.
To my surprise, he closed his eyes
He could not look at me
And he told me, too late, of the wife
Who waited for him across the sea.

On a warm summer day, I stood on the shore
And watched his ship sail away
And there, I swore, I'd not forget
Of how love is betrayed.
For, to keep his secret, I took our sin
Upon my mortal soul
I did the unspeakable, and ever since
Will I walk, unholy, unwhole.

So you who now speak to me of love,
I tell you, say no more
There's nothing you can ever say
To undo what's been done before
And do not offer me your heart
Don't reach out for my hand
For all your sweet, your pretty words
And your pretty poems be damned.

Inspired by Patrick Kavanagh's "Raglan Road." This is the imaginary response of his protagonist's object of affection.

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