March 29, 2007

Springtime in New York

It is springtime
in New York, and the noise
of traffic and construction
keep getting interrupted

by the catcalls of the men in shirtsleeves
and the pleased giggles of the young girls,
who have spilled onto the streets
like brightly colored marbles
from the pocket of a black pea coat,
with the joy of miniskirts and sandals.

The hotdog vendors smile
for no reason,
and squeeze the giant mustard bottles
like tubes of yellow cupcake frosting,

and over on Wall Street,
the air has stopped smelling of money.

The winking weatherman warns
of chilly evenings and scattered showers,

but we in the street,
we know better. We know,
even through jackets and umbrellas,

it is springtime in New York.

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