March 17, 2007

Ballad of Two Valentine's Days (lyric)

The snow was falling in SoHo
on an ordinary winter night,
stringing diamonds along your lashes.
There were starbursts in your eyes.

It was February in SoHo,
there were roses in your cheeks,
and I thought about saying "I love you,"
but suddenly, I couldn't speak.

You looked up at me, and you smiled
before you let go of my hand,
and, in too many words, in a voice made of glass,
you told me about the other man.

The next day, they asked me some questions.
Armed men came to take me away.
And the whole time, I couldn't help but wonder
if they'd found you with snow in your hair.

Now it's February, but where I am,
it's just another weatherless night.
And it's probably snowing in SoHo,
but I'm nowhere near SoHo tonight.

Unlike most of my poems, this is not written from a woman's perspective. I should also note that it was written after a few hours of listening to songs by Nick Cave and The Pogues.

February 2007.

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