September 19, 2006

Lonely Night (Key of Blue)

It's a lonely night here
in this place
crammed full of
lonely people
drowning themselves
in their glasses,
the room in thick
blue smoke
that stings my eyes so
& makes them water.

But I like it that way.

It's a lonely night here
at this bar
where no one comes to toast a victory
or a beginning,
where no one drinks
for the pleasure of drinking
and the lights are
too dim to see
the eyes
of the bartender, as he wipes
clear liquid
from the bar by your glass,

and we like it that way.

Yeah, it's a lonely, lonely night,
'cause I know just where you are
& the color of her lipstick
& the smell of her hair
& I know just what you're whispering to her
& I know just how you're touching her

so I'm drowning my knowledge
in this slicked, wet glass,
in this thick
blue smoke
that makes my eyes water so
on this lonely night.

Spring 2005.

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