September 19, 2006


I filled my pockets
with new memories
to weigh me down,
and keep me close to the earth,
but the earth betrayed me
with its stubborn scent
of stubborn life
that sang relentlessly
of your skin.

I climbed the tallest tree I could
to see farther than I'd ever seen before,
to find new marvels
that I might come to love,
but the tree betrayed me,
cradling me far too long
while its leaves made sounds
like muffled whispers.

I dove into the ocean,
that its coolness
might clear my head,
that its saltiness
might banish your taste,
that its violence
might shake you loose from my limbs,
but the ocean betrayed me
and left me unharmed
and adrift
on the sand.

I searched inside myself,
looking for my heart,
that I might reason with it
or will it back to reason,

but when I searched,
all I could find

was you.

Spring 2006.

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