September 19, 2006


On the road to adulthood,
stumbling over scattered bones & looseleaf paper,
I had abandoned all of my crazy dreams,
one by one.

became too burdensome to carry.
weren't permitted past a certain point.
Others still
were simply lost in moments of distraction.

I followed, obediently,
all the signs,
all the directions,
all the posted instructions,

until I came to a place
that wasn't mentioned in my many maps,
where no signs were posted,
and no one told me
where to go.

I had abandoned the impractical,
and now, the practical
had abandoned me.

And then, out of the
shadows and the silence,
came something that filled my senses
with light, and music,
and the wildest dream of all.

So can you blame me now,
for following this flicker,
this chimera,
this new, this greatest folly
wherever it may take me?

Wherever it will lead,
at least there will be

Spring/Summer 2006.

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