September 19, 2006

The Chase

The heat
between us
is the heat
of uncertainty.

Admit it -
you would crave me less
if I belonged
to you.

If you knew
I'd be home each night,
waiting for you by the door,
you wouldn't have a hard-on
by the time
you rang the bell.

When tigers start
to play the kitten,
they get retired
or put to sleep.

I tell you this -
and you get angry at the logic,
chase me,
pin me down,
and try to
fuck the jungle out of me -
and all the while,
I laugh and laugh,

for this is precisely why
I tell you this.

The chase is good for us.
Your love needs
the exercise,
and I need
your love.

The bruises on my hips
are blooming
by the time
you groan, open your eyes, and say -

"You play
by all the
fucking women's rules."

I smile
and bend to lick
the pinkly glistening tip
of your cock.

"No, love,
I play
by fucking yours."

Summer 2003.

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