September 19, 2006


The cavewoman
has made known
her presence
and her grievances
and her threats.

Because we have locked her away
like a madwoman in the attic,
she will continue setting fires
to our civilized homes
and our civilized ladies.

Because we have gagged her
like a dangerous heretic,
she will scream through the throats
of divorce attorneys
and romance novelists.

Because we have sealed her off
in her caves,
she will abandon us
in ours.

Because we have called her
an infantile fallacy,
she will let us
like infants,
deaf to our cries.

Because we have thrown her
to the winds,
to the lions,
to the analysts,
to the politicians,
to the sexologists,
to the pornographers,
to the religious right,
to the litigious left,

she will leave us

to ourselves.

Fall 2005.

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