September 19, 2006

Age of Wisdom

I hope to be there

when you reach the age
of diaries with slightly yellowed pages,
and dog-eared sections in the books
that you haven't yet had the time to read,
and photo albums whose protective covers
have come a bit unglued with time.

When you reach the age
of kept appointments,
and finished songs,
and fully furnished rooms,
and meals eaten sitting down,

I hope to be there. I hope
to find you at the cross-roads
of weariness and wisdom,

when you have proven
all that you want so badly now to prove,
when you have found
all that you search for now,
when you have learned
the answers to all the questions you haven't yet come up with.

When you reach the age
of wondering whether you are old,
I hope to be there
to remind you that you,

you will always be young.

Spring 2006.

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