February 17, 2005

Rhythms of the Sun

Last night, I dreamt
that I'd gone back
to where I'd come from,

Where the pulsing of the earth
was clear and strong beneath my feet,
and found its answer in the pulsing of my blood,

Where life was motion, measured
in the beats of my heart
against the wind.

Last night, I dreamt
that you came back for me,
and that together,
we rode bareback on the evening,

and with arms grown long as the road,
we plucked stars out of the sky
and fed them to one another.

Last night, I danced
on a forgotten beach,
my body twisting like a tongue of fire in the dark,
until I found the rhythms of the sun
and fell across the broken strings of your guitar.

When I awoke, there was sand in my hair
and salt on my lips,
and my hands were reaching
for home.

Winter/Spring 2005.

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