February 17, 2005

The Last Time

"Donne-moi ton corps une dernière fois encore." - Gildas Arzel (performed by Garou)

You taste like too much wine
and too many cigarettes

Your hands are shaking again,
and again, you're mumbling
"one last time,
one last time."

The room is tilting again
and I'll have rug burns again tomorrow
because I'm as hopeless as you,
as lonely as you,
as desperate as you,
without you.

And again, I tell myself,
"this is the last time,
the last time."

Tomorrow, I'll return to my other life
Tomorrow, you'll start drowning yourself

And in a week or two, you'll call
and I'll come again
and again
and again,

because, for us,
every time is

the last time.

Winter/Spring 2005.

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